Received a Communication from BSA?

Let BSA Help You Reduce the Legal and Security Risks of Unlicensed Software

In 2019, BSA ran over
cases globally

against companies who violated copyright laws and failed to remedy the situation.

Why Were You Contacted?

BSA educates business leaders and their employees about the benefits of licensed software use and the legal, financial, and security risks of using unlicensed software. BSA fulfills this mission by working with companies like yours to address unlicensed software found on your network and provides tools to help company leaders minimize risks and increase efficiency.

Through its License Compliance Services (LCS), BSA helps companies address these issues by raising awareness and providing decisionmakers with a path to address any licensing shortfalls before a major disruption to the business occurs.

What Should You Do?
4 Steps to follow after receiving a letter from BSA or email from

If you received one of our letters, here’s what you should do to mitigate these risks and ensure your business and IT environment are protected:

  1. Evaluate your company's internal processes for procuring and installing software.
  2. Ensure ALL software assets are genuine, licensed, and up to date.
  3. Contact the BSA representative listed on the letter/email directly to share your findings and determine next steps.
    Note:If you did not receive a telephone number or do not have contact information for a BSA representative, please locate an authorized reseller for the necessary products/licenses.
  4. Once the risks have been addressed, please upload your proof of purchase below or reach out to the BSA agent who has contacted you for an alternative method of submission.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at

Did You Know?

Unlicensed software can expose computers and networks to malware and other security risks, which can cost companies more than


This is in addition to lost revenue and the cost of defending against legal action.

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Upon verification, you will be recorded as compliant and removed from the current engagement list.*
*Please note that you may be contacted by BSA in association with another engagement.