End-User Enforcement

Join the major players in the software industry to drive the use of licensed enterprise software around the world.

By participating in BSA enforcement, you make your corporate end-user customers safer and more secure while recovering significant revenue. We strategically select each case and carefully oversee our programs to optimize results, minimize risk, and drive revenue.

Global Impact

Our process expands your customer base, drives revenue, and minimizes risk.

Key statistics:

3 K+

We handle over 3,000 enforcement actions per year.

30 +

We are currently active in over 30 countries with local personnel strategically placed throughout the world.

100 +

We oversee a network of over 100 trusted law firms and other partners.

Industry Leading Process

BSA manages the enforcement process from end-to-end, leveraging our extensive, trusted network and decades of deep experience to minimize risk and optimize results to members. This process is composed of the following steps:

Lead generation

BSA runs innovative digital marketing campaigns to find individuals with knowledge of corporate end-user infringement and encourage them to report what they know.


BSA carefully reviews reports prior to sharing with members. This step minimizes risk to members and makes their internal review process more efficient.

Legal action

Once cases have been investigated and approved by member vote, BSA initiates legal action.


BSA pursues each case until an appropriate resolution is reached. Legalization of unlicensed software is our top priority.

Global Unlicensed Software Statistics

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  • Commercial Value of Unlicensed Software
  • Rate of Unlicensed Software Use
  • Commercial Value of Unlicensed Software
  • Rate of Unlicensed Software Use

North America

$9 billion


Western Europe

$9 billion


Central and Eastern Europe

$3 billion


Latin America

$5 billion


Middle East and Africa

$3 billion


Asia Pacific

$16 billion


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The BSA Advantage

30+ years of legal expertise in the software industry

We have over 30 years of experience building effective enforcement programs and driving legal reforms in countries around the world. We know these legal systems so well because we helped build them from the ground up.

We maintain excellent reputations and relationships with governments and other stakeholders in every country where we operate. This expertise and these relationships are the foundation of our brand. The BSA brand is trusted, recognized, and taken seriously by targets, which leads to improved and more efficient results for members.

Recognized global results

Our unparalleled and intricate knowledge of the software industry and local law allows us to drive successful outcomes for our members. These outcomes include generating new customers, re-engaging pre-existing customers, and driving revenue.

We leverage market analysis, data-driven decisions, and innovative lead generation to increase your user base and conversion rates, reduce copyright infringement, and drive revenue to your business.

Cutting edge lead generation

We effectively generate leads via targeted digital marketing campaigns encouraging informants to report unlicensed software through our confidential form.