A Comprehensive Solution

BSA handles all aspects of an effective software compliance and enforcement program, including lead generation, case analysis, case management, settlement, and legalization sales.

  • 2,000+ cases per year
  • 45+ firms
Protect Your Business and Your Customers

Unlicensed and counterfeit software use is a global problem. Malware from unlicensed software costs companies nearly $359 billion per year.

BSA Compliance Solutions supports our members and their customers by partnering with key stakeholders around the world to raise awareness of the risk of malware, ransomware, and other critical security threats and drive license compliance through sound IT procurement.

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Protect Your Intellectual Property

Software companies are losing tens of billions of dollars a year due to unlicensed software. BSA Compliance Solutions successfully turns these opportunities into revenue for members, delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in sales directly to our member companies.


BSA Global Statistics

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10,000+ end-users touched per year

45+ partners

Active in 9 countries


7,000+ end-users touched per year

10+ partners

Active in 17 countries


10,000+ end-users touched per year

45+ partners

Active in 9 countries


53,000+ end-users touched per year

40+ partners

Active in 11 countries

Driving Revenue and New Customers to Members

  • Global Footprint
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Unparalleled Industry Knowledge
  • Managing Risk

What We Offer

Our Industry Expertise and Global Reach

1.3M+ End-Users Engaged

100+ Partners Worldwide

30+ Countries

3,000+ Enforcement Cases Per Year

The BSA Advantage

30+ years’ legal expertise in the software industry

We have over 30 years’ experience building effective compliance programs and driving legal reforms in countries around the world. We know these legal systems so well because we helped build them from the ground up.

Prominent global footprint

We maintain excellent reputations and relationships with governments and other stakeholders in every country where we operate. This expertise and these relationships are the foundation of our reputation. The BSA brand is trusted, recognized, and taken seriously by end-users, which leads to impactful results for members. And our License Compliance Services team provides our clients with the flexibility to develop programs, even in markets where BSA does not currently operate.

Recognized global results

Our unparalleled and intricate knowledge of the software industry and local law allows us to create customized, innovative processes and solutions that drive optimized results for each client, their products, and target markets. We employ market analysis, data-driven decision making, and innovative lead generation to increase your user base through new customer acquisition and re-engaging with pre-existing customers, to reduce underlicensing, and to drive revenue to your business.

Cutting-edge lead generation

In addition to client-provided leads for engagements, BSA also maintains a robust lead generation engine and sophisticated data analytics to identify instances of unlicensed software. Our targeted digital marketing campaigns encourage the reporting of unlicensed software use through our confidential form. We also leverage our education and awareness campaigns to target whitespace customers by industry, sector, and even likelihood of infringement.