License Compliance Services

We identify, contact, and convert thousands of unlicensed software users into customers per year, strategically leveraging the BSA brand to increase your revenue.

BSA converts unlicensed software users into legitimate customers. Our License Compliance Services team works with you and your channel partners to identify and convert customers around the world.

License Compliance Services Highlights

Whether converting whitespace users into legitimate clients or transitioning current customers to the cloud/subscriptions, our License Compliance Services team is ready to support your compliance goals.


Achieved ROI of 17X and more for our clients.


Drove over $25 million in revenue for members in 2019.


Increased conversion rate by 20 percent for a client in China, a notoriously difficult market for compliance outreach.


Engaged approximately 70,000 customers in 2019.

Customer Targeting

Annually, we engage around 70,000 customers around the world. These include known end-users, whitespace customers, and compliance targets.

Customer Acquisition

We identify whitespace customers and users of outdated software for engagement and conversion to cloud-based subscriptions.

Customer Retention

We help new and existing customers understand software licensing, acquisition, functionality, and renewal.

End-of-Life Support

We help users of discontinued products avoid risk by migrating to updated software versions.


For end-users with gaps in their licensing, we leverage the strong BSA enforcement brand to engage these users on a customized basis.

Channel Compliance

We identify and report unlicensed distribution of members’ products by their channel partners.

Direct Educational Outreach

We work with members and government partners to educate your customers about the legal and cybersecurity risks of unlicensed software use.

The BSA Advantage

30+ years of industry expertise

We have over 30 years of experience building effective enforcement programs and driving legal reforms in countries around the world. We know these legal systems better than anyone else because we help build them from the ground up. Our team leverages this experience to create customized, innovative processes and solutions that drive optimized results for each client, their products, and target market.

BSA serves as a key player in the development of IP regimes in numerous countries as a result of our extensive in-country work, renowned global influence, and industry resources in local markets.

Prominent global footprint

Our unparalleled and intricate knowledge of the software industry and local law allows us to drive successful outcomes for our members. These outcomes include generating new customers, re-engaging pre-existing customers, and driving revenue. The BSA brand is recognized and taken seriously by targets, which leads to improved and more efficient results for members.

LCS provides our clients with the flexibility to develop programs in markets where BSA’s legal enforcement does not currently operate.

Recognized global results

We apply market analysis, data-driven decisions, and lead generation to deliver optimized results that matter most to our clients, from whitespace identification, to conversion, to pre-legal compliance outreach, to customer retention and nurturing. These tools allow us to increase your customer market and conversion rates, reduce copyright infringement, and drive revenue to your business.

Cutting-edge lead generation

Our clients provide leads for engagements, but we also generate our own. These leads result in license compliance solutions that protect your brand against copyright infringement and can be targeted by industry, sector and/or likelihood of infringement.
We also create opportunities through BSA’s Compliance Education & Awareness to generate leads we can pursue on your behalf.