Global Internet Enforcement

Stop the unlicensed distribution of your software online.

The unauthorized posting, distribution, and sale of your software products online can hurt your customers and undermine your intellectual property rights. This infringement costs software companies billions of dollars a year in lost revenue and reputational harm.

We protect our members and their customers by employing data-driven solutions that find and remove listings and products from search engines, marketplaces, and file-sharing sites.


Percentage of daily marketplace listings reviewed and actioned.


Search results de-indexed annually.


Infringing host-site links removed.


Marketplace listings removed.

Data-Driven Programs

The BSA program is dynamic, adapting in real-time to stay ahead of the constantly evolving nature of online infringement. BSA’s industry-leading team of experts uses sophisticated, algorithm-based identification and tracking systems to identify, monitor, investigate, and disrupt the distribution of infringing software.

Proactive monitoring

BSA monitors and reviews more than 50 prominent marketplaces and auction sites daily. We also monitor file-sharing sites, such as peer-to-peer, cyber-lockers, and direct download sites to identify and remove software and search links to infringing software.

We leverage sophisticated data analytics to strategically focus our efforts on the most problematic platforms and sites.

Infringing software removal

BSA works directly with search engines, payment processors, and online platforms to drive prompt, decisive removal of infringing content. We also work to address repeat infringing sellers and, in appropriate cases, remove them from certain platforms altogether.

Targeted escalations

Under appropriate circumstances, BSA will escalate its efforts, up to and including referrals to law enforcement.

The BSA Advantage

30+ years of industry expertise

We have over 30 years of experience building effective enforcement programs and driving legal reforms in countries around the world. We know these legal systems better than anyone else because we help build them from the ground up. BSA serves as a key player in the development of IP regimes in numerous countries as a result of our extensive in-country work, renowned global influence, and industry resources in local markets.